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The improvement of the navigable conditions for water transport is our job

The Republic of Kazakhstan has an extensive territory with enormous natural wealth. Irtishriver is one of it. Irtish is one of the basic water transport highways of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and river transport has always played an essential role in the economy development of all East Kazakhstan, in particular, of East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar areas.


Internal water transport has the certain advantages on railway, automobile and air transport:


 - it is the low cost price of transportations;


 - Less charge of metal and fuel on a comparable volume of transportations;


 - Less initial capital investments.


The river transportations are widely applied in all countries, including USA, Germany, France, which have a powerful network of automobile and railway ways.


If you are interested in the history and future of the river transport on the Top Irtish, or you have the offers on transportations of volumetric cargoes within the loading range, WELCOME TO OUR SITE!



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